Please join us for the Chinese New Year tradition of food, drink and fun with your friends from The Light Clinic, Inc.! There will be delicious Chinese buffet and grill options and complimentary refreshments and treats from TLC. Joseph and Emaline will also talk about what to expect from the upcoming year, the year of the Dragon! Please RSVP by Tuesday Jan31st by email to emaline@thelightclinic.org or phone 502.330.4233.

China Buffet
1300 US 127 S
Frankfort KY
(West side by Kmart)
Friday February 3rd 2012. 

Gathering and eating at 6 p.m.
$8.99 per person for the buffet. Kids under 10 years old $3.99.
TLC will provide complimentary beer/wine and other traditional treats!
~Just get your plate at the buffet, fill it up and join us in the party room in the back left of the restaurant.Pay China Buffet on your way out. ~  

And from the great Irish mystic Lorna Byrne: "Christmas is a time to put aside any differences or irritations within our families and our community. Let us all try this Christmas to open our hearts even to those who we may have had rows with or not talked to for years. Sometimes families have fought over things which on reflection are quite trivial, families have fought over money, over things said or done. Sometimes after a marriage break up or a divorce people can end up quite isolated – even homeless. This is a time for opening your heart – and your door and welcoming people in... By making someone feel wanted this Christmas, by showing them some love you can give the gift of hope this Christmas – you can be a lifeline to someone by reaching out with a pure heart and expecting nothing in return."