We're approaching our third week of doing Group Acupuncture and it's been going great. Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback. We've had a pretty full house in there and seems to be a very positive experience overall. I thought it would be good to take a moment and write down a couple of our ideas for how you can best utilize the Group setting for your treatments. 

1) It is great as an adjunct!  What I mean by this is that it can be a very helpful tool to work in to your treatment plan. Maybe every 3rd or 4th visit, you come to a Group session...or maybe even every other visit. Emaline and I would be happy to discuss if we can continue your treatment plan in the Group setting...many times we can. You can use the Group setting to add variety to the treatments and lessen overall cost over time!
2) Simple or focused issues  Some times your knees are hurting or you have a headache and you don't feel like you need the full appointment; you just need some maintenance work. This is the perfect scenario for the Group setting.
3) Gaining momentum with treatments  As I'm sure we've discussed with many of you, there is a certain amount of momentum we can gain with acupuncture. Often acupuncture is most effective when received regularly and frequently over a period of time (meaning 2-3 treatments a week or sometimes even everyday). We usually like to 'front load' treatments, meaning have you come in a more consolidated time period to begin and then spread your treatments out over time. Again, the Group setting is a great way to make this consistency more affordable (The need for this consistency is also why we first offered the 45-minute Half Appointment, so feel free to use those as well!).

Do you have any other ideas for how to best utilize Group Acupuncture in meeting your own health goals? Let us know in the comments section. 
Want to have an office party or team-building session? We can accommodate up to 8 people in a normal Group session (10 upon request). Drop an email or give a call for more information. Having your workers share in a new experience can create a very strong bond. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce!