This Friday April 13th is our  Second Friday lecture. We will discuss the meridians (or channels) in the body. What they are, how they are formed, and how acupuncturist often use the channels to help balance the body and treat illness!
Join us!
Friday, April 13th at 7-8pm in the Blue Room at The Light Clinic, Inc.  
Refreshments provided. Free and open to the community 

At the clinic we now have original 8-Goggles t-shirts! A phenomenal tribute to the 2012 Men's Kentucky Basketball Championship! Show your support for the Eighth National Championship with the original 8 Goggles Tee! Bring some style to the next game.

BRAND NEW 100% cotton t-shirt. S/M/L/XL. $15 each.

Go to www.8goggles.com or come into the clinic to get a shirt!

Such a beautiful snowy day today here in Frankfort! Looking out the window of the clinic this morning reminded me of the lecture Joseph and I gave last month on the upcoming year, the year of the Dragon. At the end we discussed the weather patterns for this year. And they have held true to form thus far! From the beginning of the Chinese New Year (February 4th until April 4th) is a guest weather pattern of alternating heat and cold on top of the host weather pattern of the windiness of spring. We can certainly see that play out in Kentucky with incredibly warm weather, a tornado a few days ago, and now blankets of snow! Expect this kind of weather fun to keep up for another month or so... 

 Join us for our free 2nd Friday Lecture on March 9th! This lecture will discuss the Yi Jing (I Ching- often translated as The Book of Changes), a classic Chinese divination text that traces its origin to well before 2000 B.C. Learn the history behind the text and learn to use the divination techniques at home.  A truly wonderful addition to one's life! Friday March 9th, 7-8p. TLC in the blue room. The Friday night lecture is free and open to the public. Refreshments provided 

The Friday night lecture is a small introduction to a series of 1-day intensives on the classical Chinese divination text the Yi Jing. The first 1-day intensive is the Sunday after the lecture, Sunday March 11th.  In this class we will share our knowledge on the text: including history, translation recommendations, learn to read hexagrams, learn the trigrams, etc. This first class will go over the basics from an intellectual standpoint, and from a personal standpoint you will begin to build your own relationship with the book. First course in a series of 3 courses for building mastery.  
1-day intensive class Sunday March 11th 12-4p. $25 a person. Contact Emaline at [email protected] or call 502-330-4233 to register.

Happy Valentine's Day! This is a day full of love, both romantically and spiritually. If you are able to open your heart you can feel all the love around you, from people in your lives and from the universe. We are all always completely loved. Today is a day to celebrate that!

I just came across a message from Lorna Byrne, a modern day Irish mystic who is able to see angels. She tells us angels are around us all the time. We are never alone! And each of us has our own guardian angel that loves us unconditionally. See if you can feel that love today.

 Looking for a fresh and fun experience that nourishes the heart this Valentine's Day? The Light Clinic has the perfect answer! Valentine's Day is all about love, for others and for yourself. So celebrate this love by giving the gift of an experience ~ tasting some of the finest and most rare teas in our collection. An intimate tea-tasting journey to nourish your soul! 

The Light Clinic tea experience provides a haven from the world. A place to savor and be present with what is right in front of you. It also provides a window into the exquisite, profound Chinese world of tea journeys. Make this Valetines a special one with tea,  chocolates, music and mindfulness.

Tuesday February 14th, 2012
Private Tea Sessions and Public Tea Session available from 2-8p.
$100 for private sessions (maximum 4 persons) at 2p, 3:30p, or 5p and $25 per person for the public class at 6:30p.  Contact Emaline at [email protected] or call 502.330.4233.  By Appointment Only.  

Please join us for the Chinese New Year tradition of food, drink and fun with your friends from The Light Clinic, Inc.! There will be delicious Chinese buffet and grill options and complimentary refreshments and treats from TLC. Joseph and Emaline will also talk about what to expect from the upcoming year, the year of the Dragon! Please RSVP by Tuesday Jan31st by email to [email protected] or phone 502.330.4233.

China Buffet
1300 US 127 S
Frankfort KY
(West side by Kmart)
Friday February 3rd 2012. 

Gathering and eating at 6 p.m.
$8.99 per person for the buffet. Kids under 10 years old $3.99.
TLC will provide complimentary beer/wine and other traditional treats!
~Just get your plate at the buffet, fill it up and join us in the party room in the back left of the restaurant.Pay China Buffet on your way out. ~  

And from the great Irish mystic Lorna Byrne: "Christmas is a time to put aside any differences or irritations within our families and our community. Let us all try this Christmas to open our hearts even to those who we may have had rows with or not talked to for years. Sometimes families have fought over things which on reflection are quite trivial, families have fought over money, over things said or done. Sometimes after a marriage break up or a divorce people can end up quite isolated – even homeless. This is a time for opening your heart – and your door and welcoming people in... By making someone feel wanted this Christmas, by showing them some love you can give the gift of hope this Christmas – you can be a lifeline to someone by reaching out with a pure heart and expecting nothing in return." 
While the Western New Year is coming up in just 2 short days, the Chinese New Year does not begin until late January for 2012. 2011 is the year of the rabbit; in a few weeks we will be moving into the year of the dragon. More information to come closer to time...

But happy New Years all! 

Hello friends! The Light Clinic is open today Friday the 23rd from 10a-3p for your last minute shopping needs. Come in for tea, glass teapots, Chinese wooden screens, herbal lip balm and herbal external ointments for aches and pains and itching and burns, crystal hanging prism balls (the ones that make those beautiful rainbows when the light shines through them), and of course gift certificates to The Light Clinic! 
Happy holidays and warm wishes to all!
We will be closed over this Christmas weekend and open back again on Monday the 26th!