So, we are finishing our first week with our slightly modified schedule. How's it going for everyone? We set up the schedule to try to accommodate as many in our community as possible. Some people have requested morning times, some need times after work, and quite a few like mid-day times. So we set things up to have later appointments on Monday (with Group Acupuncture) and Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday we try to accommodate the mid-day crew and offer Group Acupuncture during lunch time. We are trying with these days to edge into times for those who may get off work in the early afternoon. And then Friday we have morning times starting at 9am. 
Is this working? 
We don't want to keep changing things around too much, but if there are some big oversights or if anyone feels like this isolates them, please let us know. Use the comments section below to let your voice be heard or drop us an email at or
You are our number one priority. May you be well and happy!
6/16/2022 04:29:50 am

Thankss for this


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