Joseph and I (Emaline) are in Portland continuing our studies, and we are excited to bring some new acupuncture treatment models and theory back to Frankfort. The conference we attended (The International Society for the Study of Classical Chinese Medicine- ISSCA) was deepening, expanding and rejuvinating. We are learning more about classical translations and practice from the Neijing, a medical text from the Han Dynasty (around 200 B.C. - 200 A.D.), and Joe is intensely training with our Taiji master, Master Ko.
These studies are naturally leading us to re-examine our own practice and lifestyle, and we hope to return with a clarity of how to better serve the medicine, serve you, and serve ourselves. To honor that triad is at the center of our life's mission, and we are always growing and tweaking to stay on the right path.
Based on teachings we were reminded of while here in Portland, we are practically looking into altering our treatment model. At present, the treatment model we have now is based on a massage therapy model: see individual patients in a private room for an hour or so, check them out after the treatment and get the next patient (we all know this set-up well!). Though this is an extremely common way to run an acupuncture business, and is basically the way we do things now, our teachers are showing us more classical treatment models that better serve the medicine and the treatments. We'll let you know once we've teased out how that can manifest itself at The Light Clinic, but look for some positive changes coming!
We have also talked to our main classical acupuncture teacher, Dr. Edward Neal, MD, and he is planning on visiting The Light Clinic in the fall of 2011. This is an amazing opportunity to experience one of the best acupuncturist's in the world! He will also help us instate a more classical acupuncture treatment model in the clinic as he learned it and as doctors have been doing for thousands of years! We are excited about this growth and expansion, and hope you all are too! Also look for more Taiji classes from Joe and extra smiles from us! Good things are coming!
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