On May 6th we began the Chinese 2-week period of 立夏 Lixia, or "Summer Stands Up." This marks the turning in the seasonal wave where the energy of Summer begins to take over the energy of Spring. This wave will grow until peaking at the Summer Solstice on June 21st and then decline until Autumn takes reign August 8th. 
As the summer ramps up, it is even more important to take caution to not overextend yourself. It will be easy to do too much and to be in the heat too long. The great power of summer is that its energy is at your back, supporting you and pushing you to do more than normal. The caution should be to keep your center. Don't lose yourself completely to the joys and excesses of summer. Keep your qigong or meditation practice strong, eat light, keep your wits about you, and you will stay healthy throughout the summer season.

If you start to feel yourself slipping into common fire problems (which are the problems related to summer), please do not hesitate to stop by TLC so we can help you take care of things before they worsen. Common fire problems include: itching; burning; visible skin issues; issues with redness, like red eyes or sores; chest discomfort; headaches; mind moving too fast; poor sleep; and so on.

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