Hello Qigong and Taiji friends,

We are changing things up a bit at the clinic as we are now approaching our 1-year anniversary of opening in historic downtown Frankfort. There are a couple changes in our Movement Arts schedule that may affect you all and I have listed these below.

1) In an effort to enhance the quality of training, I will no longer be teaching the Intro to Qigong weekly class. I have decided to teach Qigong only through intensives, perhaps over weekends or, with a dedicated group, it could be weekly. Qigong needs to be taught in a step-wise manner and I was not content with the level at which I was able to teach in a "drop-in" class format. By only teaching Qigong in an intensive manner, I have every confidence I will be able to more effectively transmit the knowledge. Please, if you have any questions or concerns about this, contact me. I know some of you were dedicated to the Qigong and I do not mean to take that away, but rather offer a more upright manner by which to transmit it. Also if you are interested in an intensive, let me know and I can compile a list.

2) Most of the focus on a weekly basis will be turning to Taiji. Especially after my recent visit in Portland with my teacher, Sifu Ko Pikshan, I am feeling very ready and motivated to start training students in Frankfort. Sifu Ko was trained in a very traditional manner and my approach to Taiji should directly reflect that. Accordingly, the Taiji courses will be a challenging but fruitful workout in a constant attempt to harmonize your body with the tide of nature.

I will be initially offering Taiji courses twice a week. Once on Tuesday evenings from 6.00p-7.30p in the Blue Room at TLC and once on Thursday mornings from 8.00a-9.30a at the Ward Oates Amphitheatre (newly built on the river behind Liberty Hall, a short walk from TLC). The fee structure will be slightly different. It is free to drop in and check it out. If you decide to enroll in the course, it will be $35/month ($25/month student rate) for one time per week or $50/month ($35/month students) to attend both sessions. The training will always be at your own pace. All skill levels welcome! Dress according to the weather please.

Okay. That's about it for now. Please let me know if you have any questions. The intent of these changes is to provide the highest quality of training and I realize that you, the students, are making this a possibility for the entire community now. I hope you will find these changes to your benefit!

Wishing you health and happiness,

Thank for your informative posts. This can be very useful for my clinic. Keep sharing your knowledge with us.


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