This upcoming Second Friday of November corresponds with historic downtown Frankfort's yearly Candlelight Tour (www.downtownfrankfort.com/candlelight11.php)! Candlelight Tour consists of a few very special evenings where all the businesses of downtown open their doors for perusing, sales and treats. Candles and holiday lights line the streets, a decorated horse and buggy escort people around downtown, and numerous song and dance events on St. Clair Street help usher in holiday cheer. It is common to find complimentary hot cider and treats in stores, and often there are special sales and items available. If you haven't experienced Candlelight Tour before, be sure to make your way down, and if you have been before, you know how much fun it can be!                                                                                                                

At The Light Clinic, we will be giving complimentary rare Chinese tea tastings. There are 6 different teas we have selected (out of literally hundreds of teas tasted over the last year) to be our representative teas. Each of the teas are very high quality, and can be savored for special occasions or consumed daily for lifelong enjoyment! Fine teas are like fine wines; the more high quality, the less you need per cup. So a little goes a long way! Come on over and try some!                                                                     
We will be orchestrating our tea tasting with an amazing glass teapot (http://www.teatimetradingco.com). It will probably be a new device for some - it is a one-touch single serving teapot Super convenient and elegant. The first one I saw was in China in the mid-2000's, and I have been looking for one ever since. The perfect teapot. 

The one-touch glass teapot, loose leafed tea and small tea cups will be for sale. We are also selling "to-go" glass tea cups with stainless steel strainers, small double-insulated glass tea cups, fengshui crystals, and a few specially selected 6-panel wooden Chinese screens. Join us! 
Thursday and Friday evening November 10th & 11th 5-9 pm.

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